Rev. Ronald Haynes

Senior Pastor

I hope to share with you the stories of my journeys with Jesus, the lives I’ve seen changed including mostly, my own. I am a completely different person than the twenty-two- year-old pre-Christian me. And most of all I will share with you Jesus, until we are so full we can’t help but spill out to others.

I look forward to knowing each and every one of you, as members of his church. 

​I hope that we all can all grow in his image, line upon line, precept upon precept.

Kassidy Eichhorst

Church Secretary

Kassidy spends part of her time as our Church Secretary, part of her time as a Medical Laboratory Tech Student, and all of her time serving Jesus.

440 1st Street NE, Linton, Indiana 47441



The Mission of Saron Church is:

To Know, Grow, and Show the Love of Jesus Christ!!

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