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Our middle school and high school youth meet nearly every Sunday from 5-7 pm throughout the school year. Every week we share a meal and spend time together playing games, studying God's word, worshipping through music and having large and small group discussions.

We have a team of adults who share the load of leading Youth Group and a few of them are with this group each Sunday. We want to instill a rhythm of studying, serving, and establishing community within our middle school and high school students. Every summer we serve as a group on a mission trip. These trips tend to be work-based trips where we serve a family or community after a personal or natural disaster. We grow as a group and develop lifelong connections through these trips.

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"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity."

1 Timothy 4:12


Throughout the years the Mission Trip Saron takes with its youth has become a consistently life changing event that is looked forward to all year long. For the last fifteen years or so we have tried to plan it so that within a students time in high school they get an overseas trip and on those trips we have visited Germany, Rome, Venice, Hungary, Budapest, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. The rest of the years we stay closer to home and have visited Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin among others. We see this trip as being of two-fold importance: on the one hand we are giving of our time and talents to help others and meet the needs every summer of folks with fewer resources than us. On the other hand we are the ones who always walk away more blessed for having sacrificed, spent time with saints all over the world, studied and worshiped, spent time together as a group, and challenged ourselves beyond our comfort zone. We invite your youth to join us this summer on our next Youth Mission Trip!


At Saron there are folks with a great diversity of church backgrounds. This diversity is one of the things we are most proud of for sure! For our youth, the way we make sure they have been well educated about the Christian faith and the many traditions of the Church is to offer a Confirmation class for young people when they feel they are ready to receive such knowledge and become a member of the Church, and Saron Church specifically. In the traditions we come from Confirmation would be a time when a young person (usually seventh or eighth, or back in the day seventh and eighth grade, students) would take a class from the Pastor(s) and/or church elders that would end in a big ceremony highlighted by the "confirming" the baptism that their parents dedicated them with as infants. 

In our modern context we have a Confirmation class any year when we have young people ready to make a public confession of faith and be baptized into membership in the Body of Christ and Saron UCC, as well as any young person who has already made such a confession and been baptized that is ready to become a full participating member of the Church and have the education that best prepares them for a Christian life as adulthood approaches. The class meets during the Adult Sunday School hour from 9-10:00 AM for about six months during the school year from Fall to Pentecost Sunday. Our Pastors teach the class along with some of the wisest of wise members of Saron. 


The most important thing a church can do for a person is to help them come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and going forward a deeper and deeper one. Because every individual is different, we all have a different relationship with Jesus and therefore come to different conclusions about what following Him looks like for our lives. Understanding this is why it is especially important with the young people at Saron that we be a safe place where every student can learn, grow, doubt, try and try again, find faith, build community, ask questions, develop confidence, form lasting friendships with peers and saints of all ages, and figure out who God created them to be and for what purpose God created them. This means we give young people a lot of room. This means we keep a deep well of grace around. This means we give to students what we each need ourselves. 

We hope that youth at Saron begin to see that a life with Jesus will take you to places you had never imagined, to do things beyond your wildest dreams, and the gifts required for those journeys are already inside each one of us. We have a long track record at Saron of creating the space for youth to become strong disciples for Christ. We are so looking forward to seeing the young people in our church now, and the ones who will join us in the next several years, grow into strong Jesus followers who contribute to His love being known, grown, and shown in the world. 

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