Welcome Letter

Dear Prospective Visitor,

We understand that visiting a new church can be intimidating, so we’re giving you the “inside scoop” before you walk through our doors.  From parking to what to expect in our services, we have everything you need to know to have a fantastic experience as our guest.

Who Will Be There?
Saron hosts a diverse group of people from many types of background, so you never have to wonder if you will “fit in”.  We typically have 150-200 people in attendance, so you will probably see at least a few people you know if you are from the Linton area.

What Should I Expect?
When you walk in you will notice people talking and visiting with one another.   A welcome from the Pastor at 10:30 begins Sunday Worship.  Attendees are then invited to greet one another, which generally consists of a quick hello and a few handshakes.  We promise not to publicly “put you on the spot” as we understand not every guest is comfortable with that level of attention.

The band will then lead us into praise music, varying from traditional hymns to modern selections.  The words are projected on a large screen so you never have to worry about finding the right page.  Following a brief “Call to Worship” (a statement-and-response that signals that church has officially begun), the Pastor asks us to share our prayer joys and concerns before leading us in prayer.

Next, children are invited for a short lesson before being dismissed to Children’s Church.  The band or choir performs a special song which is followed by a short Scripture reading normally read by a lay person as liturgist.  After that the sermon will begin.  Following the sermon we will have a closing song.  You are more than welcome to meet the Pastor as you exit.   The entire service typically lasts one hour and feels very informal in tone despite encompassing a few formal traditions (lighting of candles, “Call to Worship”, pastors wear robes, etc.).

How Do I Get There?
For step-by-step directions to Saron Church, please visit our “Contact Us” page.  Parking is available in one of two lots, located on the north and east sides of the church.  If you are a latecomer, space can get tight, in which case you may need to park on the street and walk a block or so.  If you require transportation to our church, please let us know and we will do our very best to make sure you can join us.

What Do I Wear?
Though most people wear “business casual” attire (slacks and a nice top), you are welcome to come dressed however you are comfortable.  We will love you just as much in jeans ;-).

We hope we have addressed any reservations you may have about visiting us for the first time.  We invite you to look through our site as it provides a wealth of information about our services, our ministries, and our church family.  If you have additional concerns that were not addressed here, or would like someone to receive you on your first visit, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.  Again, we look forward to meeting you!

Written by a new member of Saron Church

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