Christian Education

Whether you are completely new to church or have been attending for a lifetime, we welcome you to learn about God through our Christian Education classes.  We invite you to know God’s love by studying the Bible and learning from the experiences of others.  We will continue to grow in God’s presence together as we study, seek, & share the Good News.

Workshop Rotation Model for Pre-School Through Elementary


This Bible Story-based curriculum is exciting and engaging for children and youth.  Instead of simply telling students about Biblical history, we immerse them in it using a variety of activities.  For example, when studying Jonah, students entered a six-week learning rotation during which they watched a video about Jonah in our theater, used interactive software in our computer lab, played games focusing on themes throughout the Book of Jonah (following God, running away, being given a second chance, etc.), made dirt pudding in our kitchen, and even entered a HUGE blow-up whale where they could “meet Jonah in the belly” while focusing on repentance and prayer.  Through these experiences children learn how these stories are real in their own lives.

Junior / Senior High Class


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This class varies from week to week to meet the needs of our older students.  Sometimes we make our way through one of the Gospels and see how it speaks to our lives.  Other times we play “Scruples” and discuss moral decisions and what God & Jesus would have us to do in specific situations.


Confirmation Masks

Confirmation is a class that is offered every couple of years for our 7-9th graders who desire to learn more about their relationship with God, their place at Saron Church, and their personal call to ministry.  Students confirm for themselves their infant baptisms and, at the end of this class, are “Confirmed” into the church by publicly declaring their beliefs and being made official members.  This class is always taught by a team of leaders and a pastor of the church.


Saron has two adult Sunday School classes.  Both are at 9:00 am.

The first is a traditional Sunday School format with the Scripture reading of the sermon being read in class.  Then a discussion follows with anyone attending free to make comments or ask questions.  This class is held in the church library.

The second class is more unconventional.  This class normally has a video of 15 – 20 minutes.  The video is the catalyst for conversation.  The subject of each video may  cause class members to see things in a different way or to “think outside the box”.  Controversy is common.  Each person is offered opportunity to have a say.  This class is held in the Upper Room.

Know, Grow, & Show the Love of Jesus Christ